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Reply to "Post elections voilence on the cards..."

Originally posted by The Judge:
Please note the sequence of events that have taken place and draw your own inferences

1. Ogunseye/ACDA's reading of the riot act

2. Granger's meeting with ex-GDF personnel and charging them to be vigilant on election day

3. GPSU which is an extension of the PNC/APNU applying successfully for election day observer status

4.Demerara Waves on Saturday reported that Executive member of the PNC/APNU Dr. George Norton lashed out at observers for the 2011 general and regional elections questioning their ability to ensure that the November 28 polls are free and fair.
Norton charged, that the foreign missions cannot come to Guyana and judge whether the elections were free and fair.
He said "these observer missions are farce and don't let us take them seriously,”.

Since the PNC/APNU can no longer use the credibility of the voters list as an excuse as well as Sharma's suspension then rigged elections is the only excuse left for the Opposition.
Note they have already commenced questioning the ability of the overseas observers to monitor the fairness of the elections, then GPSU an arm of the PNC as an observer will basically sing to the tune of the opposition in discrediting the results. Add the Rawanda like behaviour of the opposition media in playing up these rig charges and you have a perfect setting for post election violence.
I think you folks are daft. The history of societies as ours is inevitably about violence at elections time.