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$1,000 to both of you when it’s posted. And an extra $1,000 for high school graduation certificate.

You got that much money? Perhaps you should enroll in a weight loss program or better yet buy some shoes and new clothes fuh dem chirren or make a donation to Baseman's family foundation. I doubt that you can prove that you are a secretary. heheheheheheheheheheh!

Folks, look up your spouses, ex-spouses, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, siblings, and anyone you're interested in:

Baseman is listed here. Bibi can send the few thousand dollars to Django to hold in an Escrow Account! 

Hi Leonora, Mits, DJ have you heard from Miss Lips den Testicle Fortitude?  Has the challenge been made good?  I'm waiting for my piece, running low on grocery money!

Still waiting, snail mail does take some time.



Nope only US $$$  acceptable.