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Hi Iggy, you wutliss bad.  Welcome back.  Sorry about the quote feature, I post from my iPhone and editing is challenging. 

And yes, I am a CPA and CMA after dropping out of high school.  Don’t bother with that low accomplish dumpling!!  Tells a lot of that lil country school!  So don’t mess with me.   I’ll try to figure out the quote thingy!!

And the records show since from 1991.  Did you work with Asgar at GPO upstairs?

Looks like you have his CPA record, why don't you post it to silence the naysayer?  

$1,000 to both of you when it’s posted. And an extra $1,000 for high school graduation certificate.

Missy with the skills you can prove if Baseman is/wasn't  a CPA, from records he was, he needs to update his License. Apparently he was certified in 1991.

This offer of $$$$ sounds  like a scam. It reminds me of  the letter-writing fundraising scam  a group of the girls were involved in at a prominent GT High School. The police were called in. What was the outcome?