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Please help this couple

I appeal to my fellow posters, friend and foe alike, to join me in a noble effort for a wonderful couple who has entertained us on GNI for quite some time.

Today, ladies and gents, Baseman and Bibi need your help. I urge you to give generously to purchase some tutoring lessons so both of them can learn how to use the quote feature.

Baseman is a CMA, CPA, 3rd form prodigy of Covent Garden high school, administrator of charities that help our folks in the homeland, a mover and shaker, and occasional host to politicians whom he fetes in his basement apartment. Learning how to use the quote feature will push him over the top.

Our rotund vixen Bibi is the backbone of a billion dollar wall street firm, purveyor of the finest coffee, talent evaluator, graduate of the queen's college, the product of a blue blood political family (200 years of total experience), confidant to those picking the next GRA head, well known to the pennsylvania police department, organizer of political events, the kellyanne conway of the Rat Man organization, and too many more to list.

We can also start Bibi off with a one day class on how to be considerate to her fellow posters in an  online community and stop being a self absorbed poster ruining thread after thread with 5 word replies after quoting hundreds of posts.

I'd like to think this too may push Bibi over the top, though it may be quite a strenuous effort given her body type.

My fellow posters, black man, Indian man, haters of the putagee man, retards, brainiacs, disciples of nigerian pastors, the quick witted, dimwitted, those born at gaumont, drunkards, please contact the moderators of this forum to arrange for your contribution. They need to hear from you. Report this thread to them.

Moderators, a one week time off is a great gift for Bibi to learn this new skill. Baseman will voluntarily follow suit once she is not here, no time off needed for him.

Gwana Man


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