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Reply to "Overseas-based Guyanese murdered"

@Spugum posted:

if you must know i don't belong to any party but i happen to endorse coalition politics as the best way forward for guyana

why does the coalition attract decent, respectable indians and the ppp attract the degenerates, crooks and clowns of the black community?

...many of the Indian supporters of the PPP are degenerates themselves. From the small sample of former Indian bigots who used to post here their lack of a moral compass was evident.

Kapadulla friend Pavi aka Nehru openly celebrated the sex trafficking of foreign women right hay. On the odda site they posted about the death of a 15 year old brazilian girl during sex. This sick son of a bytch's only contribution was to say that she died getting it rough and hard. The girl was a CHILD. The degenerate moderator lets the comment stand!

Pardesi is dead. This lowlife bytch is wondering in his posts how the man got it up and what the female killer looked like! I'm surprised he didn't ask about the man's kaak size given his penchant for homo erotic behavior.

Any wonder people like him openly support pedophiles and like degenerates in their party?

We had Ksazma/Ilum of the "black people are the scourge of the earth". Basebunta and his fked up personal life with all the dutty details bared here. The married black hating balaloo bramin scouring hay for homan. I can go on.

Any wonder people like this brazen, calloused, degenerate lot are not the least bit worried about rape and exploitation of women, corruption at the highest levels and death and assassination in the streets? Not only do they approve of it, but they openly celebrate it!

And there are MANY like them roaming the streets of Guyana.