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Reply to "Out of 8,600 Haitians, only 13 left Guyana legally – Minister Felix,this is Human Trafficking- Take off the blinders."

Stormborn posted:
caribny posted:

So why dont you help out Jagdeo by telling him where the Haitians are.  You will need to figure out how to get to Cayenne.  Haitians are estimated to be about 20% of the population of that territory.

The problem here is you are loud and shrill on how problematic and injurious to Africans it would be with  your dubious claim about the BEGIA wanting to bring in Indians in 1917 to "overwhelm" the African population. Now you are being snide and downright contemptuous at the real possibility that there are large numbers of people coming in and no one knows where they are.

Only 7k is needed to game the system and that much seems to be coming in every few months. We also have 17000K Cubans, "missing" somewhere if the accounting is true.Why is it nonsense that we do not know where large numbers of people are?

the 1917-1924 BGEIA affair is part of the Colonial record . . . it is not "dubious" fyi

it is also beside the point

people trafficking thru Guyana is a serious law and order matter dating back nearly 2 decades (much money is being made), and Indo-Guyanese need not be naive and should be vigilant re malign actors plotting stuff on the Afro end to exploit the phenomenon for political advantage

that there are 17K (not 17000K) mostly non-Black Cubans "missing" in Guyana, among other things common sense puts a match to your "real possibility" insinuations

you are unhinged mendacious as well as dumb