Reply to "Out of 8,600 Haitians, only 13 left Guyana legally – Minister Felix,this is Human Trafficking- Take off the blinders."

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I know your short term memory is as your long term memory...crap. I spoke to Caribj of his often mentioned commentary that the BEGIA were out to overwhelm black voices for a long time. I said that is interpretation and a dubious one.  You said, "the 1917-1924 BGEIA affair is part of the Colonial record . . . it is not "dubious" and I guess, affirming Caribj's viewpoint. Where is that record of the BEGIA ever stating "lets overwhelm blacks". Luckoo, Ayebe Euden ( sp) et al were agents of the plantocracy and they had a vested interest in a continued supply of free labor. 

If Africans can interpret an influx of Indians as threatening why should you or anyone tell them that they cannot be apprehensive for the reciprocal event? Note the inflow of Haitians is far more rapid that even the BEGIA could anticipate in their attempt to extend indentureship.

The desire of the BGEIA was to make Indians the largest ethnic group in Guyana.  It was NOT their plan to integrate them into Guyana.  It was NOT their goal to have these people join with the black working class against colonial oppression.  In that they lied to the Indian gov't telling them that life for indentures in Guyana was good.  This when India threatened to end the system based on reports of abuse.

That is basically saying, squeeze out black people who were desperately fighting against the white oligarchs for their own space in colonial Guyana.

The BGEIA were an ethnically focused elite group who planned to be part of a system of dominance using a numerically superior Indian population to obtain political clout for themselves.

Now tell us about Eric Phillips screaming that Haitians should be brought into Guyana so that the numbers of blacks could increase. Or cite instances of him telling blacks in Brazil, Colombia or Cuba to flee the racism in their nations by coming to Guyana where the socio economic status of blacks is less dire?

You cannot, so cease being Jagdeo's [poodle.  Jagdeo knows fully well that Haitians are using Guyana as a transit point.  He fully well knows that there are more Chinese and Brazilian immigrants in Guyana. He fully knows that increasingly Cubans visting Guyana are electing to stay.

He knows fully well that the French/Creole Haitians are merely travelling through Guyana as they seek to enter that territory of France with its high wages paid in euros and its promise of a better life!

Ask yourself why you, a man with a black wife, is so intent in being used as part of Jagdeo's racial Machiavellian plot. Why does Jagdeo only cite BLACK immigrants when he fully well knows that these people DO NOT WANT TO STAY IN GUYANA!

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