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Reply to "OP-Ed: It is APNU+AFC govt’s duty to protect Guyana’s democracy"

Django posted:

OP-Ed: It is APNU+AFC govt’s duty to protect Guyana’s democracy

December 31 2018, Source, by James Mc Allister

-The Will of the People Must Never be Treated Lightly

The APNU-AFC Government has a duty to the Guyanese people, and to our democracy to reject calls for its resignation, and continue in office. Let those who feel strongly about the no confidence motion take it up in court.

Recently, many who are now speaking loudly questioned the right and authority of the president to unilaterally appoint the chairman of GECOM after the rejection of three lists submitted by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo. On that occasion, the Constitution was as clear as day on the authority of the President, and yet they questioned his actions. Listening to them then gave us the impression that the most egregious and undemocratic acts were being perpetuated. The opposition took the issue to court and lost. They then lost their voices; not a single retraction of all the hurtful things they said.

The president disregarded the essence of the constitution on this matter and UNILATERALLY appointed the Chairman.

Succinct issues ...

1. Jagdeo submitted on three separate occasions, as required by the laws of Guyana, to the president for consideration.

2. As long as a list is submitted, the president can approve a chairman or reject the entire list and request another list from the Opposition Leader.

3. When Jagdeo submitted the third list, Granger rejected the list, did not request a new list from Jagdeo BUT unilaterally appointed a chairman.