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The constitution spoke of a majority. I didn’t see anything that a majority is half plus one. In fact having an odd total always seems ideal in determining a majority as there will never be a draw. Now the Coalition government has muddied up that simple equation. 

it is a legal question subject to interpretation . . . and not frivolous!

this is obviously above your pay grade

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Seems that 33>32 therefore is a majority. Now if the Burnham constitution has another definition of "majority" when it comes to the NC then that stands. I suspect that it doesnt because that should be easy enough to find.

That's an understatement. 33 is always greater than 32. When I was a cane cutter, I use to count the number of bundles I had to load. All my cane cutter brothers knew 32 from 33 and their values.

If the Constitution, which Jagdeo screamed was the Caribbean's best defines "majority" as a simple majority EXCEPT if an NC vote is made then you are out of luck.