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Reply to "OP-Ed: It is APNU+AFC govt’s duty to protect Guyana’s democracy"

Django posted:

December 31 2018


by James Mc Allister

-The Will of the People Must Never be Treated Lightly

The APNU-AFC Government has a duty to the Guyanese people, and to our democracy to reject calls for its resignation,....

.The right of the people to elect their government is sacred and should never be treated lightly. In this matter, we must err on the side of caution, and caution lies with the people who voted to put this government in office. We cannot have a situation where a government loses its right to govern, even though the court determines that it has that right, because of a premature resignation.

I am of the opinion that the APNU could be following the Democratic imperative by respecting t he rules and not playing musical chairs with inane magical mathematics. I do not need to go through what is a majority. They know it, I know it and the only reason there is a dispute is because they got booted. 

There is also no clear directive to do the same "trutherology" with the constitution to select the head of GECOM. The section exists so there is contribution to the selection by both parties. If the President can easily discount the Opposition and default to his own unilateral decision the section is a farce. And that is discounting Grangers inane idea that only judges are "fit and proper" for a task that does not cater to judicial skills but to administrative and logistical skills.

Was Charandass lured to vote as he did? I am of the opinion he certainly did and whatever the inducements ( future position etc) is not illegal. If also he sold his vote ( an impossible thing to prove) he is immoral but immorality is what we are talking about, the standard practice  on all sides. Did not this regime told the lie for a whole year t hat the never got a dime from EXXON? Do we now still ponder where the money is? Yes, there is serious coin being exchanged for the right to be in office and the reality is we hardly ever can prove it even if we know something of the kind. happened.

The right of the people to elect a government of their choosing is also almost a farce in Guyana. Parties select leaders. The people are pawns in the system. They go through the charade of voting for a president when the are actually voting someone else's choice and only because they are scared  into doing so based on the latent power struggle between ethnic groups.

As long as one is a Guyanese one cannot lose that except that one do so willingly and legally. Accepting citizenship is obligating oneself to honor and respect the benefaction offered and defending it necessary. It does not mean one has lost their identity or the sense of where t hey are located in the world. This is another nasty and insidiously divisive argument being proffered by the PNC.

There are a million of us overseas who propped the society up with our remission in the era of hard times. It is us who are a life line to sugar workers. All of us bootstrap businesses there and it is to us each party runs when they need assistance in man power or finances. To say we do not belong is enough for us to want the PNC gone. As Guyanese this government is not trying to protect us. It is trying to screw us in the attempt to remain in office illegally. 

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