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Reply to "One 'player' stroking another: Glenn Lall's "belief" as "graphic" Fact . . . the gossipping vulgarity of Freddy Kissoon hard at work fronting for Bharrat Jagdeo"

this is the meat of Frederick Kissoon's schoolbai 'analysis' making "graphic" that "these [Coalition] guys are making the PPP kleptomaniacs look like school children."

close your eyes and imagine this fool

after Amaila hydro and Fip Motilall de DEVELOPER

after the Berbice Bridge rape of the NIS, the absurd rate increase/insult and planned tens of $US millions windfall bailout for Ramroop & Co if Coalition replaced by PPP

after BK and 'PPP kriminal developmental economics'

after Babby Ramroop and 'PPP kriminal developmental economics'

after the 10's of US$ millions DISAPPEARED by Alexei Ramoutar of hauling cable fame

after the decade-long orgy of corruption and resource rape featuring 'communist' Chinese businessmen

after all the extraordinary bulk stealing of the People's land by PPP family and Associates

after the outright theft of the broadcast spectrum given to PPP friends and family

after the kickback bacchanal involving the US$200 million Skeldon white elephant

the drugs trafficking and narco-murdering and allied money laundering obviously deserves a separate entry

is Freddie for real? i know he ain't lost his mind

but then again . . . the word EDRIS DOOKIE and CANJE BLOCK have been foreign to him these 4+ years since since they entered the national/international consciousness in 2015

but 'columnist' Kissoon has the gall to sh!t on the coalition about poorly negotiated oil contracts

and then again, we have his parting flourish

"[Irfaan] will lock them up when he becomes president"

ahmmm . . . OK


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