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Keith posted:
ksazma posted:

The question is not about the level of God's knowledge, it is about how someone so supposedly knowledgeable yet so arrogant that he cannot find a method for forgiving them without seeking the shedding of someone's blood. But the kicker is although he sent his son to be butchered instead of coming putting himself up to be butchered instead, the world today has even more sins than when his son was butchered. From all evidence, this so called perfectly knowledgeable being miscalculated once again.

Answer: God omniscient but yet choose to go forth with His creation, is that not, as you put it "God's arrogance"?

The sad truth is that people don't show that they are at any more peace with God after he sent his son to be slaughtered. If God is so forgiving, why couldn't he just use all that knowledge he supposedly has and forgive people for their sins instead of carrying the charade that he has been carrying on with.

Answer: I am not going to bored you by sounding repetitious. There was a discussion about free will and also about the purpose of the sacrifice, look it up it should answer your statement above. 

I hear people all the time say that when they die they will meet up with their other family members in heaven. That is a pipe dream and a con job because no one knows who is going to heaven and who isn't. The reality is that no one even know if any heaven exist. Some of those people who think they are going to heaven have lived what seems to be less than good lives on this earth yet their families think they will be going to heaven.

Answer: I agree with the statement in bold. People have different ideas about heaven. Many have no understanding of God at all, but still like to think of heaven as the "better place" where we all go when we die. Ideas about heaven are often no more than vague hopes, on par with "maybe I'll win the lottery some day." Most people don't give heaven much thought until they attend a funeral or a loved one dies. It is popular to refer to heaven as the place where "the good people go." And of course, everyone they know and love is included in the category of "good people."

The people who go to heaven are all alike in one way, they are sinners who have placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:12; Acts 16:31; Romans 10:9). They have recognized their need for a Savior and humbly accepted God's offer of forgiveness. They have repented of their old ways of living and set their course to follow Christ (Mark 8:34; John 15:14). They have not attempted to earn God's forgiveness but have served him gladly from grateful hearts (Psalm 100:2). The kind of faith that saves a soul is one that transforms a life (James 2:26; 1 John 3:9-10) and rests fully on the grace of God.

Any chance I can get you to tell me about the attributes of the God you serve?

I prefer not to add any distraction to the discussion of how the Bible address sins and how to remove then and if that method has worked or not. Me pointing to what I serve would only distract from that.

Coming back to the comment made by the person on Moody Radio, they suggested that in order for people to be relieved of the burden of sin, God sent his son to die. The trouble is that there is no evidence that Jesus dying on the cross has relieved anyone of the burden of any sins and there is even more evidence that much more sins are being committed if one considers the vast increase of the world's population alone. In fact, even the Bible talks of Peter disobeying Jesus just after Jesus died so even when the incident was still fresh, the burden of sins was still rampant.

This idea of blood needing to be shed for one to be relieved of sins is a fallacy of the preaching of the Bible. It was wrongfully believed that blood can wash away sins and if God sent his son to shed his blood to wash away sins, then God too either propagated it or fell for the fallacy that blood can wash away sins. All evidence have shown that people sin all the time and there are no easy way to be relieved of those sins. It is no different than any other aspect of life. One is bound to sleep in the bed they make. If one wants a better bed to sleep in, one needs to get off their ass and work for that bed and as they progress on their journey, so does the progress of that bed. Now God still has the power of forgiveness and the ability to offer that bed but it is a cheap proposition that someone can just get that bed for just asking. Lots of people are too comfortable just asking for things without even giving the thought that they should make some effort to do so. Sitting in a church singing the praises of God day and night only satisfy God's ego but does not do anything for the person singing those praises as any lazy person can do that.

If God wants to forgive someone for their sins, He or She can do so by just doing so. They don't need to continue the misguided charade that some Jewish people from Moses' time or maybe even before came up with that blood is needed to wash away sins. As mentioned above, all evidence has shown that Jesus blood did nothing to wash away sins and only act as another example of how people think that they can solve issues through shedding blood.

Amral showed much more wisdom than God when he suggested that God could have just burned Lucifer. Doing that would have kept sin out of the world and would have even kept Jesus from having his blood shed.

I am not interested in fancy talk of preachers and politicians. In my opinion, they are all con artists.