Reply to "OK...HERE GOES....For Gilly, Nehru, and especially dem three bannas who went to Accabre Bay ...Dave, KP and Skeldon-Man. With help from my Uncle...TOP 10 list why PPP will loose in 2020"

VishMahabir posted:
  1. FRAUD CHARGES- Those 19 charges are not going away. Guyanese know the charges are real and the Irfaan Presidency will try to protect the Jagdeo and cabal transgressions and corruptions. Irfaan has a mansion which he could not afford with his salary as Housing Minister. Irfaan, like Rohee and the US, is banned from entering Canada. The Canadians are in close contact with the Americans and


  1. JAGDEO RUNNING THE SHOW – Guyanese know Jagdeo is trying to muscle his way back into power. Irfaan, as President, is equivalent to JAGDEO as President. The idiot made another blunder saying that he might make Jagdeo a V-President. If you are promoting Irfaan as the “best” candidate, you cant say Jagdeo is the best that the PPP has. Jagdeo will overshadow an Irfaan candidacy.


  1. PARTY DEVOID OF INTELLECTUALS – The PPP is now relegated to a party of charlatans and Indos who allow Jagdeo to rule like an Emperor. They are “yes men”, not thinkers. The PPP has been this way since the smart people left: Burnham, Vincent Teekah, Chandisingh, Balram Singh Rai, Kwayana, etc.



  1. RACE BASED POLITICS- The PPP projects a national policy publicly but they are notorious for giving benefits to friends and family. Look at Ramotar’s son (cable wire) and daughter (gold board), etc. They have not given up their corrupt ways and the Guyanese people cannot trust the same people with power.


  1. ABC/EU/CARICOM SUPPORT FOR COALITION- It matters who support the political parties, publicly or quietly. The regional, European, American and Canadian governments will support democracy, but they tacitly give their support to the coalition. They are leery about the level of corruption that existed during 23 years of PPP rule, as well as the stated intention in the PPP party’s principles expressing its intention to promote socialism.



  1. SIGNS OF PEOPLE BENEFITTING FROM OIL ECONOMY- People are seeing the benefits of the oil economy, all happening under the coalition. There are over 200 local companies formed, all will benefit from the Local Content laws. They will throw their support behind the coalition.


  1. BEING A COALITION- The coalition is a real coalition of Guyanese from all walks of life, not a one party outfit, composed of multi-racial leaders and support. That makes the coalition more representative of the Guyanese people, compared to the Indian people party (as per goat man Rohee).


  1. PPP NOT DEMOCRATIC- the PPP still clings to democratic centralism. Jagan’s party has confused policies with dialectical materialism and confused communism with capitalism. It is not a democratic party, it is run by Marxist and Stalinist principles. All outdated stuff.



  1. PPP CANT RUN COUNTRY- The PPP has shown from their history that they cannot run a country like Guyana. This is why Janet Jagan’s term was cut short. Guyanese reacted to the illegal swearing in of the President. Severe crimes took place under the PPP: Roger Khan, Sash Sawh, Waddell, the prison escapee, etc


  1. SMALL PARTIES WILL TAKE AWAY VOTES FROM PPP- The AFC will still capture some Indian votes (those who are disappointed with the Irfaan candidacy). If most Indos vote for the PP, as they will, the PPP will still loose a couple of seats (Amerindians, for example), thereby reducing support. The coalition will be reelected.


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