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Reply to "OK...HERE GOES....For Gilly, Nehru, and especially dem three bannas who went to Accabre Bay ...Dave, KP and Skeldon-Man. With help from my Uncle...TOP 10 list why PPP will loose in 2020"

kp posted:
VishMahabir posted:
  1. FRAUD CHARGES- Those 19 charges are not going away. Guyanese know the charges are real and the Irfaan Presidency will try to protect the Jagdeo and cabal transgressions and corruptions. Irfaan has a mansion which he could not afford with his salary as Housing Minister. Irfaan, like Rohee and the US, is banned from entering Canada. The Canadians are in close contact with the Americans and

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  1. SMALL PARTIES WILL TAKE AWAY VOTES FROM PPP- The AFC will still capture some Indian votes (those who are disappointed with the Irfaan candidacy). If most Indos vote for the PP, as they will, the PPP will still loose a couple of seats (Amerindians, for example), thereby reducing support. The coalition will be reelected.


Who the Skont is your uncle and even your auntie, I don't care you Academic Invalid.

Mosst of those are valid reasons why the PPP should lose.However, only a few reasonably will impact the electorate. The PPP's base is its ceiling. They do not care about fraud, Jagdeo's cronyism, the PPP's failure to incubate intellectuals, racism, corruption etc. The other side has not shown much of a difference on these and other issues. 

My consternation with the PPP rests on their abject and irresponsible neglect of party democracy. It is run like a coven of communists even now. I also am disgusted that the champion of the earth did not see it fit to develop as part of his manifesto a green economy given we will be dumping billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere without oil economy. You cannot miss this fact in our gluttony for oil wealth. We are becoming the poisoner of the earth with that economy and must compensate with conservation. 

I have a 100 days plan somewhere on this site that addressed some small things ( albeit it was about 20 or 30 issues) Not one of those were addressed in their plan. We have no emphasis on pre and post natal care, no family leave, no commentary to build a bureaucratic capital on high ground, no mention of Amerindian rights, no mention of constitution reform that involves devolving power to combat our inclination to ransoming our nation to ethnic based policies.

The PPP is not trying hard given they have lots of issues mediating their chances of winning. For example, they need a PM candidate that would not pander to race but to intellect, judgement and a future for us. Further, Ali should declare if he win he will not run for a second term.

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