Reply to "OK...HERE GOES....For Gilly, Nehru, and especially dem three bannas who went to Accabre Bay ...Dave, KP and Skeldon-Man. With help from my Uncle...TOP 10 list why PPP will loose in 2020"

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Coming soon: TOP 20 reasons why COALITION will win in 2020!

Towards Victory...AGAIN!!

Bai, dis is the violent and shameless party dat Fake Indo Vish supporting and chanting dem mantra. This is how PNC does train dem while they are young. 

Why dont you shut up you ignorant twat. What peculiar mind conceives of taking this particular incident and framing it as representing a whole people? Should we in refutation take all those Indian men accused of brutalizing their epidemic in the society...and say it represents the PPP? I am always astounded by the nasty depths you miserable hallow men go to in order to project your disgusting racist view

Blah Blah Blah

Everytime you hang like a cripple on race crutch. Lift youR head out of your behind and you will see the real world.

Hey Hey Hey 


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