Reply to "Now that the Rigging has allegedly started"

Katahar posted:
Sean posted:

Voter suppression has been on full display in PPP strongholds and with PNC led GECOM refusing to allow PPP polling agents in planes. PNC has done it again ! As Burnham used to say. 

It appears as if PNC has no intention of vacating office.

Lets prepare for a dictatorship in light of what has been revealed so far. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. 

A sad day for democracy in Guyana. 

What you dont know is ayuh gad jagdo sell ayuh out.

He laffin all de way to de bank

Katahar, why don’t you shut yo skont. You patacake mask Baseman behind Katahar playing hide and seek like a two years old, pretending you are neutral. 

You hopscotch from PNC to AFC back to PPP.. so it looks bad on you ...( like a rolling stone. )
them you run and delete the basement avatar and rise up under Katahar, thinking you smart. The only person you out smart was the techie Django. 

But I unmasked you last night and gawanna bush try to run with the crown ( as usual)