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General Election Results -15 December 1980

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Elections were held for all the members of Parliament. General elections had previously taken place in July 1973, the sitting of the National Assembly having been extended twice (in 1978 and 1979) so as to permit the Constituent Assembly to complete the preparation of a new Constitution.

The new Constitution prepared by the Constituent Assembly was promulgated on 6 October 1980* and, on 25 October, elections were announced for December.

In June 1980, the leader of one of the opposition political parties, the Working People's Alliance (WPA), was assassinated and internal opposition to the People's National Congress (PNC) Government increased.

Most opposition groups, with the notable exception of the leftist People's Progressive Party (PPP), called for a boycott of the elections. Polling day procedure was observed by an international team.

The PNC, led by President of the Republic Forbes Burnham (formerly Prime Minister), won four-fifths of the Assembly seats.

Voter turnout was 82.31%.

On 30 January 1981, the newly-elected Parliament held its first sitting.



Proportional Representation53 elected seats


Total Valid Votes    403,014

Invalid Votes    3,251

Total Votes Cast    406,265

Registered Voters    493,550

Voter Turnout    82.31%


Dissolution of House   Sat, 25 Oct 1980

Nomination Day-

Polling Day   Mon, 15 Dec 1980

First Meeting of New Parliament   Fri, 30 Jan 1981


Political Group Code   Votes    % votes      Seats

People’s National Congress   PNC  312,988  77. 66%   41

People’s Progressive Party   PPP    78,414  19.46%     1 0

The United Force TUF 11,612   2.88%    2

Total Valid Votes  403,014    100%    53


Note ....    

People’s National Congress   PNC -- 312,988  votes -- 77. 66%  of the votes  and won 41 seats

People’s Progressive Party   PPP -- 78,414 votes --  19.46% of the votes and won 10 seats.

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