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Why would this god require gold, silver and brass and raiment for his Ark which was really his Communications center from which he spoke to the Heebies and even the child Sammy later!? Couldn't create them himself? Some 'god'!

Read Exodus many times, huh? You proved my point! Guyanese read and accept what is written because they are told it is the Word of God and God wouldn't lie! True but man lies constantly! Espeially for money!

Those three metals have many things in common, and viewing their physical commonalities can explain why these metals go together in Bible typology. Each one exhibits the necessary elements of salvation that made it possible for us to be in contact with God.

Gold, silver, and copper/brass are the first three on the list of seven metals of antiquity as they are the first three to be discovered from a human history perspective, and relative to this, they are native metals.

The tabernacle has its roots in the very first tabernacle of the garden in Eden.

They are all three known as group eleven elements and appear together vertically on the periodic table of elements. They are understood to be transition metals that form a bridge between two sides of the periodic table.

These metallic elements will illustrate for us how God bridged the gap between heaven and earth, that sin created, through His Son Jesus.

Only gold, silver, and copper qualify as genuine, noble metals based on their electron structure, making them resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Although silver and copper can tarnish in color, this process does not break down the metals themselves. Tarnish is simply a reactive coating on the surface.

The tabernacle concerns connection with eternal and unchanging things.

These three also are noted for their antimicrobial features that resist both bacteria and viruses.

Contact with God is cleansing and healing. It is interesting that when Moses destroyed the golden calf, he burnt it, ground it to powder, put it in water, and made the children of Israel drink it. With its germ-fighting qualities, this could have been a remedial prescription for possible infectious conditions that may have occurred when they "rose up to play" before their self-created god.

All three are ductile, which means they can be stretched into a thin wire as well as malleable.

Contact with God through His prescribed system will soften us and make us pliable in His hands.

All three are excellent conductors of heat and electricity.

Contact with God includes power that we cannot generate nor produce in and of ourselves.

Reading just a little bit into these natural properties of metal gives us a glimpse of heavenly, eternal, and spiritual illustrations that we will look at more specifically with each metal.

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