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What Is Your True Purpose?

1 Samuel 16:6-13

What do you live for each day? A pay raise? Retirement? Then perhaps you’ve discovered the reality that basing aspirations on getting ahead in this world typically ends in disappointment. People with a misguided sense of direction often wonder why they feel unfulfilled.

Maybe you’ve already achieved a goal of saving for the future or moving up the corporate ladder. You give to charity and volunteer at church, but somehow still feel a sense of insignificance or aimlessness. If so, there is a truth you need to hear: God gives each of us life for a very specific reason—namely, to serve Him. Nobody finds inner peace without reconciling this fact. Our society teaches us that pleasure, prosperity, position, and popularity will make us happy. But living in the service of self always leaves an emptiness no earthly reward can fill.

Besides, worldly philosophy won’t stand the test of time. Few of us are going to live even 100 years. So whatever we’ll become in this life, we are in the process of becoming that right now. Consider David: He was anointed king long before actually assuming the role (1 Sam. 16:12). He spent many years serving the purpose of God in insignificant places while developing into a great man. As his story shows, discovering God’s purpose for your life is the surest path to success.

Our Father’s purpose for us comes from His heart of love—which is perfect. None of us can know the things He has in store for us, but we can trust His plan. Surrender to Him and say, “Not my will, Lord, but Yours be done.”

This is the con. The people who belligerently denigrate your worldly worth are the same people who are actually preying on you to pry it out of your hands. Brother Keith promotes this organization. Now check out their business activities even though they produce no material worth. There are poor people and small companies busting their asses every day and can't EARN the kind of money that an organization like In Touch Ministries screws out of those poor hard working people. There is a reason they list their tax ID number. It is for you to get a 15% tax deduction on the 100% real cash that you give to these blood suckers. And while they greedily take your hard earned money, they still belittle everything you do to earn that money. Take a look at the second image that I posted. See how the link for DONATE is highlighted while the others are not. That means that that activity is most important to the organization. Now look at how crooked that pastor look. Now ask yourself again. What is your true purpose and then ask yourself. What is organizations like In Touch Ministries true purpose. Brother Keith has to be looking for more DONERS.

Here is their website

Even when you pass the mouse over the other categories, they still don't become highlighted like how the link DONATE is even when not being selected.



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