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Reply to "Not a Sermon only a Thought"

ksazma posted:

I have been watching the two Sunday night shows on CNN. Finding Jesus and Believer. On last night's Finding Jesus they focused on a building that they believe was Jesus' childhood home but they concluded that while there are some elements that it may be, they don't know for sure. All these preachers who regularly talk to God and God talks back to them and still God wouldn't clarify it for them. Like everything about Jesus, nobody knows for sure. Imagine after 2000 years preachers still have to convince people that Jesus actually existed. That he wasn't an imaginary person.

The world has very very few BELIEVERS. 

Obviously, u r not one of dem.

To be a believer is not a convincing job.

It is a pre-ordained thing.

Something like being a Brahmin.


But, then there are people who instantly recieves a BLESSING.

For them, there is absolutely no doubts, for Christ is real.

During a BELIEVER's lifetime, a DIVINE VISITATION will take place.

The visit is not to eatablish proof. Rather is it for Comfort, because the world has alot of stupid people of races and relgions.