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Keith posted:

Now the time I spent to read that nonsensical attempt to explain why Jesus cursed a fig tree is forever lost. It was no more than a bunch of hullabooloo. Plain and simple, Jesus was hungry and he saw a fig tree which he went running for the fig. He didn't find any fig and as they say "a hungry man is an angry man" Jesus acted as he did many times during those three years when he hang out with his compadres, lash out at anyone and anything that seem to benefit more than he did.

ksazma are you an agnostic or an atheist? Just need to know who I am chatting with here.

Irrelevant condition.

1. Just because men chose to off a sacrifice to God to connect with him doesn't mean that God has to follow the same silliness in offering his son so that he can connect with men. If God was smart, he should just say, those fools doing stupidness. I am too great to do stupidness like them. What is so wrong with God that out of his infinite mercy, he couldn't just forgive his creation for their shortcomings especially since he is supposed to know that he created them with flaws. God's Holiness my ass. If God is so great and holy and can't be amongst sinful people, he should have done a better job of creating sinless people.

You missed the point, without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sin. Is it that hard to comprehend.

Who said that blood sacrifice is necessary for the remission of sin? Not because the people of old made that mistake thinking it was, that means God should also make that mistake.

2. That is good because they only preach about a sinless Jesus. Somehow Christians don't see anything wrong with calling others pigs, dogs, swine, etc. just because they weren't Jewish.

I don't know who you been talking too but we are all created in God's image therefore to call someone a despicable name as you mention is disrespectful. I think it's wrong, we are here to help and uplift each other and not the tear each other apart with words that hurt.

You been talking to the wrong Christians buddy.

If it is wrong for someone to call others despicable names, then you must have a real problem with Jesus because he called people all sorts of despicable names during those three years when he pranced around with his compadres.

3.  I have read more than enough. The reality was that Jesus even though he was supposed to be God and know everything didn't even know that one of his compadres was wicked and he recklessly stated that that wicked compadre was going to sit with him on the right hand of God as if God has hands, feet, eyes, etc. Makes me wonder is God also has a penis since he is a male God.

Alright....find where in the bible stated what you mention above then I will address it.....Then again if you find it I will mail you a check for $100. Agreed?

The second part of your question is not worth address, you let me know when you see Him.

Just proved that you gloss over the test because it is there in black and white. Actually it is in red in the Red Letter Bible. Like you have an issue of thinking if God has a penis too.

4. Sure you cannot answer for their downfall now that their mischief is public. But what happened to this amazing Holy Spirit that was supposed to be a seal to keep them from these mischiefs. That only goes to show that no Holy Spirit does anything. It is individual people who act out of their own humanity to do good or bad and they will be rewarded here or there if they there is a there.

I still see you don't understand anything about the holy spirit. Right now I need the holy spirit to help me exercise patience. I will leave it at that. I don't have the time to explain more if you are not willing to read and understand what's being stated.

I am sure you have hear about Guyana so call pope, you can add him to your list. The folks on your list have their own agenda their hearts are far from God, there only mission is to get rich or fulfill the lust of the flesh. Hey, I am not here to judge them, they will be a day when we will either here, well done my good and faithful servant" or "depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you".

They too thought/professed that they had the Holy Spirit in them.

In conclusion, it is all pie in the sky. All make believe hullabooloo that require going around in circles to explain the unexplainable.