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Reply to "Not a Sermon only a Thought"

ksazma posted:
Keith posted:

Oh witless KSAZMA! Who has bewitched you? Is it so hard to comprehend the above, even a child can understand. I am calling you 'witless' out of righteous anger base on your display here in this forum

How long am I going to saying without a blood sacrifice there is remission of Sin. I am not going to go back and for with you when what you are uttering here is so baseless, not substantial evidence to back up what you are saying.

I am still waiting for you to show where in the bible is the following:

"I have read more than enough. The reality was that Jesus even though he was supposed to be God and know everything didn't even know that one of his compadres was wicked and he recklessly stated that that wicked compadre was going to sit with him on the right hand of God"

When you find it then we can have a conversation.

Dude, I don't need to show you anything that you do not care to see. It is there in black and white. Who picks twelve people and tell them that they will be his compadres in heaven only to later learn that one of them betrayed him. If these mishaps are part of God's plan, the God must be one confused dude.

I care to see where you are getting your misleading information from and there you go again with more misleading statement above that are highlighted in bold.

All I am asking of you is to show me where in the Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth the statement you made is located. I am sure others would love to see it if you assume I don't. You either have proof of what you are saying and just don't say anything at all.