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For the rational minded person who reads the written words about Christ in the Quran they themselves would honor His Divinity. I expect a lot of muslims will see the light when enlightement comes to them. Maybe some has already, but the fear of death keeps Christ quietly, in their hearts.

Why would anyone who reads where the Qur'an stated crystal clear that Jesus was NOT divine still foolishly "honor his divine"? One would be foolish to use the Qur'an which clearly stated that Jesus was NOT divine to insist that he was.

Celestial Beings doan age. Angels, Archangels and Ministering Angels are forever the same. 

Jesus was no celestial being. He was a human being like all others.

The Middle-East, before Christ, was no diiferent than India, gods of all descriptions. Many of the nations in that region would adhere to the teachings of Christ through the Apostles and Paul. But there lies the nation state of Arabia, approximately 600 years after Christ, still worship mulitudes of gods.

Arabia was not a nation state in 600 C.E.

It has been stated over and over, Mohammad was illiterate in a household with a vast library. And he was taught to read. From the beliefs of Mohammad concerning a monolithic God, one can conclude the library would have had the Gospels, the Torah(The Books of Moses) and most certain the Book of Enoch. He also was a man who had had business dealings with people of all faiths in the region.

I don't know where you get your information from dude. Muhammad's household did not have any vast library. He was not taught to read nor did he ever read any written words throughout his life. The words of the Qur'an are what he claimed he heard from the archangel Gabriel. While the people mentioned in the Qur'an are also mentioned in the Bible, the accounts of their lives are vastly different so clearly Muhammad in dictating the words of the Qur'an chose to disregard the stories of the Bible. And while he did have contact with others as he travels as a merchant, he clearly did not relate their accounts of the Bible in his dictation of the Qur'an.

Convinced of only one God, he would do what Moses did to the Hittites, the Amorites and all the others who worshipped idols. Declared war and killed the heathens. Which Mohammad did and began teaching Arabians about the One God.

Mohammad had enough written material to teach from.

Muhammad did not declare war on the Meccans. They declared war on him. He even left Mecca in the middle of the night and escaped to Madinah because the Meccans were planning to kill him. Yes, he did began teaching the Arabians about the One God after he learned of that One God from the archangel Gabriel.

When Christ came, he reasoned with his listeners about God. He came with a message that was not written anywhere. The Jews knew of their God-according to Moses Laws. There is this man who spoke of freedom for slaves when the world at that time were determined to be 75% slaves. He spoke of a new kingdom. He said a great many things. And He said, that He came from the realm of God and Him and the Father are one.

Jesus did not reason with anyone. He had a tumultuous relationship with anyone he came into contact with except his 12 compadres and even then he had issues with them from time to time. He was very angry and selfish. He called people insulting names like swine, dogs, pigs, etc. He was even disrespectful to his mother who brought him into this world through the pain of childbirth. And he was constantly complaining about all the stuff that others had while he had nothing as not "even a place to rest his head". And all this in only a three year period. The rest of his life is not known to anyone. He never freed a single slave during his life. While he did say that he and God are one, he clearly stated that he is NOT God and rebuked a man for addressing him as good when only God is good.

And the Deciples saw Him on a cross. His pain escruciating, And uttered, the words.

The disciples did not see him on a cross or see his excruciating pain nor hear his uttered words. They all got afraid and fled the scene leaving Jesus alone to bear his chafe.

It must have been devasting for the deciples. Jesus left no wriiten accounts or instructions. They expected a fullfilment of what He said in real time. 

Jesus had no time to leave any instructions. He was too busy those three years enjoying the attention his 12 compadres were giving him.

And so, the deciples sought to undersatnd what had taken place. And they started with the utterance,"Father why has thou forsaken Me." They would find the reasoning for those words in the Psalms. From that point onward the Holy Spirit would guide them through the Torah for the prophecies related to His coming.

Regardless of what the disciples thought, Jesus demonstrated gross lack of faith, patience and devotion when he questioned God's decree. Job showed more devotion to God than Jesus did.

Some 50 yeras later after the resurrection, The Gospels are written and letters of Paul. All with aim of an explanation of what took place.

The Romans found a way to rewrite the story of Mithras replacing Mithras ' name with Jesus' and so began what we know as Christianity today. As Christians celebrate Christmas today, they are actually celebrating Mithras' birthday and not Jesus as Jesus was born in July. Jesus is not even his real name. It is Esau.