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Reply to "No credibility to claim Haitians being used to pad National Register – President"

Dave posted:
caribny posted:

The PPP are so amaing.  A few days ago they screamed "dem big strang Haitians gun overcome Guyanese wid dem voodoo and AIDs and all 'collie" gun dead before de elections so be PNC gun win".


Now suddenly you cry tears for France because some Haitians might be trying to illegally enter their South American territory.

Word to you.  France has this.  They don't need the PPP's help!

I don’t recall PPP mention anything of AIDS.. it’s the Guyana Government who issued a warning of Ebola 

Chief Medical Officer (ag) Dr. Kay Shako


Guyana Times screamed about this and the whole world noted this and commented on it.  SN even had a guest editorial on this.

You know full well that the Guyana Times=PPP so the PPP said it and certainly didn't condemn these bigoted comments.

AIDS is already endemic in Guyana and is considerably LESS contagious than is Ebola.  Listen I know that stupidity is a hall mark of being a PPP supporter who is infected with Mad Jagdeo disease, so I feel for you.  You don't even know that DRC is NOT Haiti.

My God your hatred of blacks is so palpable.  Just now you will start screaming "kick even dem Guyanese black man out a PPP village because dem is a bunch of devil worshippers wid Ebola who gun kill ahbe". 

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