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Reply to "No credibility to claim Haitians being used to pad National Register – President"

caribny posted:
Dave posted:

Those documents are left behind to be used for padding of votes.

There is a special desk set up at the airport immigration Dept for these Haitians to be clear and transport by organized groups in full view of police officers who are questioning the reporters doing the investigation. 



Oh yes we all know how the PPP loves jumbie voting and do this all over the interior. 

and here was I think that people vote and not documents!

If a group arrives and jumps in a bus that is illegal?  Hmm.  Then loads of Guyanese break the law every day!

Next time a sports team arrives in Guyana and jumps in a bus ARREST THEM.

Jumbie  voting was invented by your kabaka Burnham, we will never forget 

gawn so.