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Reply to "No credibility to claim Haitians being used to pad National Register – President"

Dave posted:
caribny posted:
ksazma posted:

Plus how does the ‘president’ be so casual about what appears to be an illegal operation of foreigners using Guyana to enter other countries against those countries laws.

and yet many Guyanese used Canada as a stepping stone to the USA before that country required visas of them.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle..............

Jackass their is a difference, Canada immigration ministers never knowingly acknowledge border crossing is happening, unlike Guyana immigration minister acknowledged this is the case. 

Shouldn’t Guyana protect itself by restricting the Haitians since they knew this.. you fkt moron 

The Canadians fully well know about border crossings because that country has very tight immigration policy.  They have no tolerance for illegals.  They are also fully aware that many use the USA as a transit point to Canada given that their refugees policies are more liberal than that of the USA.

If you present documentation acceptable by the immigration authorities and depart WITHIN the time that they allowed you to stay you have broken no rules. 

It is up to the countries where Haitians are headed to apply their rules.  Just as how Canada didn't give a damn that the Guyanese who backtracked via Toronto didn't return back to Guyana.  If the Canadians thought that those Guyanese were still in Canada they would have hounded their relatives who sponsored their visit to produce them or face the full weight of the law.......

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