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Reply to "News from Bharat Jagdeo"

Dave posted:
Django posted:
ksazma posted:

Will the Coalition embarrass themselves by first denying the allegation then having to pitifully retreat from their denial as more information is disclosed ala the Exxon signing bonus? Jagdeo usually have credible information.

Yeah.. some Guyanese like BJ and PPP, so they stopping by Freedom House and give them little tit..bits.. then Jagdeo head in front the camera with the news, uploaded on PPP Face book page.

Anyway,. Chris Ram exposed the US$18M Exxon Bonus.

Am I incorrect, isn’t BJ the opposition leader... and as opposition leader, they have to keep the hammer on the government. 

Isnt that how it wok all ova the world... teach me if me wrang 

I have no problem with that.

Don't you think the hammering should be credible ?