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I thought these laws existed where you could not collect aid for a number of years!   I guess states may have their own rules.

Your sponsor is responsible for all your expenses for the first 5 years. However, if you have a child who is an American citizen, he or she is entitled to public assistance. The same goes for illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants cannot collect benefits, but their American born children are entitled to all benefits.

So then what is Trump making more difficult?

The Public Charge Rule, Explained

The new public charge rule could ultimately expand the ability of DHS to deport some immigrants who already have green cards (“lawful permanent residents”).

Congress states that a permanent resident can only be deported on public-charge grounds within the first five years of obtaining their green card — and only if they became a public charge based on circumstances that existed before they obtained their green card. (For example, a healthy person who obtains a green card, gets in an accident, and then needs government assistance would not be deportable on public-charge grounds.)

In practice, given the constraints set by Congress and court precedents, plus the fact that recent green card holders are typically ineligible for welfare, very few green card holders have been deported on public-charge grounds.

By expanding the definition of “public charge,” however, the administration could create new uncertainty for millions of immigrants.

This is all a hoax designed by Trump to portray immigrants as impoverished moochers who live off taxpayers.

If a legal resident goes on welfare within 5 years the person/s who sponsored them will then have to reimburse the Federal gov't.  Part of the process of getting a green card is proving that one will not be a "charge to the state".  In the case of elderly parents who aren't expected to be self supporting the sponsor/s have the obligation to show that they will take care of them within this initial period.

I am confident that the bulk of the food stamp recipients and other forms of welfare are the US born children of these immigrants, who are in fact entitled to these benefits.

30 years ago the scape goat for the GOP were US blacks.  Now Hispanic immigrants have replaced them as being the "demons" who live off "hard working (white) Americans.  This as Trump dares not directly attack black Americans.  In fact he screams how popular he is with this group, based on his 5 black friends (including Al Sharpton, Lynette Patton, and until recently, Omarosa).

No doubt there are immigrant frauds who get benefits that they don't deserve but that is a small number. Certainly not large enough to justify the hysterical screams coming from the xenophobes, many of whom are on food stamps and disability.

A non resident (inclusive of undocumented migrant) do NOT qualify for social supports at this point in time.  Recent migrants only get emergency Medicaid to cover out patient costs.