Reply to "New Trump rule would target legal immigrants who get public assistance"

Stormborn posted:
Bibi Haniffa posted:

Good on Trump for taking charge of those millions who are milking the system for freebies while the working class taxpayers have to fund their food, healthcare, and housing bill.

Lady shut your ignorant behind. Many of these migrants came in to work in the fields at low paying jobs to keep the corporate farms going and they were forced at times to seek insurance for their american kids and perhaps wick. They are the most hard working people who do what others would not do and keep food prices down do big mouths like you can breeze through whole foods and live pleasantly. 

 Also, this is where you ought to have used the Keynesian multiplier effect than stupidly as you did ( previously insisting it is a means to maximize your portfolio) as these poor people have resurrected farming towns with their aggregate capital infusion of cash into their economies. It is only economic dumb ass people like you thinking because you sit behind a computer doing grunt investigating you  will by osmosis l acquire the economic acumen of the people there.

 Further, most of the people there accrue income on the backs of grunts like these and hedge their losses by packaging and reselling their risk. I detest pretentious nits like you who appropriate the parasitic cultural outlook of the 1 percenter and lose sight of your pedestrian origins from the subaltern sudras who sat at the literal backside of the subcontinent for 60 centuries.

These people are being hopelessly abused and are the new slaves.  The work under conditions  that few people legally resident in this country, or their kids, will accept. 

If we care about them then we should ensure that they have the legal right to protect themselves from exploitation.  As it is who knows if their employers just call ICE when they either don't feel like paying them, or if the employees get restive.

The chicken farm in Mississippi is an example of this. About 20 years ago the American workers, tired of being exploited, tried to set up a trade union.  They were undercut when they lost their jobs and eventually illegal migrants were used.  People who have no legal rights in this country because their presence in this country is against the immigration laws of this nation, so is illegal.

If there are jobs that Americans don't want and US employers have to bring in immigrants then there needs to be an expanded guest worker program.  The rights and obligations of both the employer/ee should be outlined giving people legal redress if they are exploited.

The only difference between slavery and this is that no whips are used and sometimes these workers get paid. 

BTW it is notable that employers are also breaking the law by hiring illegal immigrants and yet are never punished.