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Is there a legitimate reason why you are not an English teacher somewhere??!!

He is meant for a higher destiny, to build houses without foundation. 

Lol... is Warria connected with the monument at Palmyra??

No..he did much better. He assisted with building a home for a poor family but some ungrateful PORTERS have nothing good to say about him because he does not hang out in their shit pile.


YES, REAL COOL !!     Instead of sitting behind a keyboard and criticize. Its typical for some Guyanese to find fault, instead of assisting to do the work. For this reason, we might all be screwed and the   name  Guyana will remain  backwards  and us with it. With others looking down at us.

Some Guyanese don't need others to kill them self , they do it all alone in their negative lifestyle.

On the matter of this topic heading, I did hear  mentioned during the election campaign in Essequibo, $9000/bag for rice. But I cant remember who said it. This was my interest,  because my friend is a rice farmer there.  

APNU/AFC never said rice farmers would be paid $9,000 per bag of paddy

Aug 31, 2015 Source

Dear Editor,
I have heard several times the opposition telling the government to fulfill the campaign promise of giving rice farmers $9000 per bag of paddy but I cannot recollect hearing such promise.
What I do remember is Dr. Turhane Doerga and Mr. Jinnah Rahaman telling the public at many public meetings of which I was in attendance that the previous government could have afforded to pay rice farmers nothing less than $3000 for a bag of paddy because the Venezuela deal is working out to somewhere around $9000 a bag of paddy.
Maybe the opposition, more specifically Jagdeo can provide the evidence to support his claim because I really cannot remember listening to any public speaker from the APNU\AFC saying rice farmers would get $9000 per bag of paddy.
It is my opinion that Jagdeo and his colleagues are trying to frustrate this new government by claiming what had never happened. It is factual that rice farmers should be paid better prices for their paddy but never did APNU\AFC say $9000.
Jagdeo as Opposition Leader, deliberately misleading the public for cheap political points is somewhat understood but as a former president, he should not lie to the public.
Then again, it is my opinion that lying to the public is a genetic feature of the PPP\C.
Ganesh Mahipaul