Reply to ""Myth" Indians were Second Class Citizens under the PNC."

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I lived during the PNC rule in Guyana,family,friends and myself never considered our selves as "Second Class Citizens".I can't recall being treated that way we were free to go any where,no invasion of our villages by PNC supporters.Indians were allowed to run their businesses.Burnham was surrounded by Indians.The Region i reside in there were two Indian Regional Chairman.Indians held top positions at the Regional Offices,Indian Headmasters,teachers..etc..

I can recall in the early 70's was living in Georgetown would walk from Plaza Cinema to Durban and Smith St,where i reside,passing Metropole Cinema 12 in the night and no one bothered me.

I can go..on..and..on

What's your story???

Talking about Metropole, I was robbed of a pair of brand new Dunlop sneakers I just bought and was on my way to see a flick at Metropole.  

All top positions in the government, army and police were African dominated except for token Indians.  What else would it take to make you a second class citizen when you cannot get to the highest level you are capable of?

Hoyte tried to change things but the Burnham structure was hard to break.

This is funny, remember my buddies got their pay from Guysuco and went shopping for foot wears. They wear the new booths and pack the used one in the box,  ... it was choke and rob style then . 

They went drinking at the corner of Robb and Republic St ... it was a garmont style bar ... as they got  downstairs, their bags get snatched, another one had a bangle made of copper... he told them robbers please tak  am  ... used foot wears were in the box ... my buddies had to run for their lives fearing the robbers would return after realizing the loot was fake .