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Reply to "Ms. Sita Shah "Nrityageet" was offered G$6 million to exclude non-Indians from performing in her show."

Leonora posted:
skeldon_man posted:
caribny posted:
Prashad posted:

East Indian men will salt and rice to save a dollar. The East Indian man who is ready to give 6 million for nonsense may have not been serious.

Racism is a powerful motivator.  That woman herself is a known racist screaming how vulgar black women are.  So I would expect her associates to be of like mind.

Skeldon and Yuji would pay their granddaughters to stay away from blackman.  Loud in screams of how disgraceful this will be to the family and how insulting it is to make a suggestion that this might happen.  they might do that just to give the old men a good fright just like the white girls do.

If I had a daughter. Before paying, I will might have done an honor killing. Many so-called coolie non-racists on this BB would not want their daughters to have any type of relationship with a black man. If they say anything differently, they are barefaced liars. 

Skel, we must refrain from statements like these. There are good and bad in every race. Among the honorable Guyanese blacks are Walter Rodney, Sam Hinds, Shirley Field-Ridley, Fat boy's sister Jessie who wrote the book 'Beware my brother Forbes,' etc.

I know there are some good blacks. I know Sam Hinds and thinks the world of him. Like coolies and any other race, there are bad ones. It seems though that there are too many bad ones in the African race. I would call and have called my own coolies the "N" word and have done so in front of their faces. My wife gives me crap all the time for my feelings towards every race.

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