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Reply to "Ms. Sita Shah "Nrityageet" was offered G$6 million to exclude non-Indians from performing in her show."

Billy Ram Balgobin posted:
caribny posted:
yuji22 posted:

Only Blackman live in Guyana !

Based on who turned out for the Jubilee you are correct. Not sure where the rest of you all live but apparently celebrating Guyana isnt your thing.

Carib never talks about the abuse Indians suffer at the hands of Afros everyday in that country.  Just talk to an Indo taxi or mini bus driver about what they have to endure daily at the hands of black policemen who demand bribes and use racial insults. 

Do you ever discuss Indo racism towards blacks? NO!

And in fact I have FREQUENTLY stated that BOTH groups have displayed racism.

FYI black taxi men also suffer from the same fate.

FYI Indo policemen also demand bribes.