Reply to "Mr REV...oops Mr Yuji...who is yuh..."

Hey Hey Labba. You prappa funny you know.

As everyone knows, Yuji and the Honourable Rev are two different people. Rev is in a league of his own. He can single handedly take on the entire GNI AFC/PNC Clan. Yuji is a one man army but not as strategic as the Honourable Rev.

Firstly, I respect the court's ruling since the intent of the amendment was to restrict Presidents to two terms. No hard feelings or anger there.

Jagdeo is wildly popular and still a major asset to the PPP. Provided that the elections are free and fair, the PPP will win a majority regardless of who is their Presidential candidate.

It must be noted that the AFC rejects are more obsessed with PPP's choice and Jagdeo rather than addressing the fact that the AFC is as dead as doornail.  They also need to admit that they were conned by Moses and Ramjattan.

My first choice is Anil based on his experience and second choice will be Ramson Jr. That said, I will support any PPP candidate that the party selects.

Clown Granger is the lowest hanging political fruit in Guyana's history. Even a Jackass can defeat him in a free and fair election. Hey Hey hey.

I reject the rubbish that the AFC rejects are currently peddling. They should mind their own bloody business and stop hiding under Granger's skirt.

BTW, Yuji will remain a PPP supporter and well wisher until his last breath.

Hey Hey Hey


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