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Moses has no support base left. He has no their choice but to wear Green.

The man is a country's Acting President, what are you again? In the event of Pres. Granger's death, he becomes President. Looks like he's supremely smart and is playing the political game exceedingly well.

Not really so.

1. If unfortunately Granger suddenly dies due to his current illness, then indeed Nagamootoo will become President.

2. However, if David Granger is still alive but is not well to resume his function as president, Nagamootoo remains as Acting President.

3. As per point 2 above, PNCR will then determine one of its member to be be appointed President and Nagamootoo reverts to his existing position.

4. Should Granger able to function as President, it is quite possible that due to his health conditions, he will relinquish the position when another PNCR member is selected to succeed him.

5. Should point 1 occur, it will be a matter of time for a PNCR member be available to be appointed President and Nagamootoo immediately reverts to being prime minister.

D-G,...a question for you...

Are there laws that prevent members of one party from "crossing the floor" in the Constitution. I thought after Burnham was able to get some PPP people to cross the floor (Chandisingh, Teekah?), the laws were changed to prevent this in the future?