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Reply to "Modi and his ruling party are all dogs."

seignet posted:
Abu Jihad posted:
Nehru posted:

The Paki Govt has their kashmir citizens like slave!! No wonder those in Indian Kashmir do not want to cross over. They love the Freedom and Welfare of the Indian govt.

Modi was the man who overseen genocide in Gujerat.  There is no denying the facts.  



I suppose when the muslim invaders came to India they were kind and benevolent. Shit, those bastards burn libraries that the fires last for months, impose taxes on the ppl juss for not being muslims, dismantle their temples, carted off their golden idols, forbade the use of salt unless they paid the taxes alloted to hindus. Not to mention the beheadings, boiling in oil and other atrocities associated with a barbaric race of ppl.

Modi remembers. 

Muslims call him a dog, he is biting alyuh azz good and proper. May allah bless him for dealing wid a ppl who tek his name into bloodshed.    

As usual you dont know the difference between Mongol and Mohgul.

If they committed genocide, they should also be held accountable.  

Genocide is genocide and it should not be sugar coated