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If a Kashmiri tries to hurt or hurts an Indian soldier or civilian then that Kashmiri should be captured, chained and put to work by the Indian state cleaning up and repairing the slums of India permanently. 

And you want berbice as an indian I do however agree that Kashmir cannot be given independence for historical reasons but more for it being one of India's water bank. India I water starved. 


Cannot be given I dependence because of what?

Where is your head?

Hello this is 2019.

D2, it is the same nonsensencial argument the Colonial power used against Ghandi.

Modi and his Hindu party is doing this out of pure hate.

India and Pakistan exists because of the colonial powers. There were no such states. The argument for India claiming Kashmir is stronger than Pakistan. That the people should settle the question of with whom they would align or be and independent state is to be resolved.

India will not let it happen. It cannot let it happen for the reasons I stated. It is a significant portion of their water bank. Wars will be fought in the future all across the world from Europe (ie Ebro in North Spain vs Water shortage in southern Spain or the Nile ) and  Africa and China ( Tibet). The US has its internal water wars on going also.

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