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Just a question?? Who invented Suicide Bombing? and is it a success if the person survives.

Why grown people travel from around the world would walk in circle throwing stones at the Kabba.?? Pelting stones at a ROCK. smff??

The Tamil Tigers “perfected” the use of suicide bombers, invented the suicide belt, and pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks, according to the FBI, which listed the group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

“The LTTE are widely credited with mainstreaming the use of the suicide vest as a force multiplier. Not only did it allow for precise targeting, but also instilled an increased sense of horror and terror among the wider population that anyone—man or woman—might be the next bomber,” Joshua Roose, senior research fellow at the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society at the Australian Catholic University, told TIME.

I could be just as ignorant like you and ask why do Hindus do all the stuff they do during religious ceremonies (and they do plenty)...but I Know each religion has their own way of worshiping

I did not want to correct Kaz's mistake. I remember Bushmaster used to call himself a Tamil Tiger and insist he was not averse to dying for or like them. That fellow was truly a personality. I hope he is still alive and kicking in his mid 80's. After all we have Lionel still kicking after a few heart attacks.

I never got a heart attack. 

I had trouble breathing from walking on a extremely cold day in January.

Went to the doctor, he thought I had water in my lungs from the x-ray. Was told to go the hospital at emerg.

The emerg doctor, said I had less than .1 % heart attack.  

Was sent for a camera look, the doctor said I was 90% plugged up. Surprising I was alive.

God muss need me for a big job.

Leslie, dem early days were good. Wonder what became of Bonus.