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Reply to "Modi and his ruling party are all dogs."

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Hari Singh, the hereditary leader of the region, wanted to remain independent. Pakistan invaded. He fled to India and hand over the state to India. India fought back to defend its new claims. Pakistan kept a portion after a cease fire.

They invaded again and started an ethnic cleansing. India invaded and almost destroyed Pakistan and retained the property. China has claims like any greedy neighbor wanting the place for its water. It is the reason the invaded and still hold Tibet. Maybe they should have gone with India. 

The region is a mess. India cannot give up the area. Its survival depends on holding on to it hence their hard line stance.  With it falling into the hands of Pakistan, over a 100 millions down stream will lose their water supply as it is diverted to Pakistan. India will never let Kashmir go. 

Stormborn forgot Taiwan's claim to Kashmir. Communist China has an agreement with Pakistan to get a piece of Indian Kashmir after it is giving back to Pakistan. The Pakis put some serious blows on Kashmiris living in Pakistan. There are no reporters there in Pakistan kashmir to record the lashes so everyone thinks it is all Rosie there


Keffer is no longer allowed in Pakistan Kashmir. So he doesn't know what is going on there.


For the Nth time, you ignorant, thick-skulled latrine-cleaner, stop posting rubbish ! This discussion has nothing whatsoever to do with your fantasies or filth-inhalation ! All of my work-related travel is with a UN passport and I have never been denied entry into any country. You, on the other hand, and despite the fact that your work and destiny are in the latrines of your masters, have nowhere to go so I suggest you stop pretending that you are conversant with the daily affairs and developments in other countries !

They should take that passport back if it permits the arrogance of intellectual acumen to be so contemptuous of others even if they are wrong. The region is problematic and both sides have committed horrible atrocities. Pakistan perpetuated a genocidal ethnic cleansing of the area until India put a stop to it. India believes it was awarded the lands and given that the period how post colonial states states became consolidated they have a claim. Pakistan exists on similar claim. The problem here is for the two sides to work it out to their mutual convenience. China sits like a Grinch ready to eat their Christmas.