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   Then few days later, the “evidence” was destroyed and they re-admitted the poster!

You can bet, lots of back door negotion and conniving against posters. It’s most unfortunate admin seem to have become infected by the hypocrisy!

Until you can prove otherwise Baseman you better stay clear of this topic or face the same penalty.

Mits is still suspended until January 2nd 2019.

I deleted the thread after a few days (Mitwah Suspended)

When an alert is sent to the Admin we have two options in the system

(a) Approve content

(b) Delete Content,

So my learned friend speak only what you know.

Thank You

So why is Mitwah suspended until next year and Nehru is back on the forum? I distinctly remember you saying after Mitwah was suspended, that anyone else who was incarcerated would be there until next year. It looks like it pays to be friends with the Admin on this forum. 

It seems that when Mitwah is planning a long trip, he pushes the envelope to get suspended. The man is probably enjoying a good vacation laughing his a** off.