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Reply to "Members abuse on Forum."

D2 posted:
Django posted:
Django posted:
Drugb posted:

Good bye all, this jackass tek ova and druggie is history since posting here since 2002.

When ever you decide to be civil ,all will be good.

Are you running a kindergarten  site. We are all grown adults you are now implementin parental control. You are too combative. Just a reminder without Members/posters there is no forum. Learn when to SHUT UP.

 The above from member KP .
 Give the reasons why i should tolerate member Drug. The member is known
 to continuous label ,posters on the forum. Few time he was suspended.
 Have at any time member Drugb ,labelled Amral ? i guess he can answer that   question.
 I am aware he is here 18 yrs , should the member have some respect for new   moderators and new owner ?
What will be your reaction to an abusive guest in your home ?
Let's get some answers from the grown men.

DrugB should have tenure. He can say whatever he wants as long as he wants in so far that he does act a troll. I do not mind sanitizing the site but only as it relates to useless commentary of a personal, racist or derogatory sort. There is only one saint among us...that is saint Ugli/Sean by the trench. He should be  a candidate for sanctification based on the fact he is plainly stupid to know a difference. 

No one stopping him to stay, i am tired with his sloppy this and that. In the early days he was a good guy ,there were great conversations ,i remember some when i joined this forum.The guy took a u turn and never looked back.