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Reply to "Members abuse on Forum."

Django posted:
Dave posted:

Django, Ray was subjected to many abused and insults and never display these emotional attitude. When you choose to rolls in the mud, grow some balls and tek what you get.

I believe you have exposed your weekness as a Moderator... my two cents. 

Sorry bhai ,that's Ray ,you was the one attacking him ,you were suspended for such.

My post on this site aren't rolling in the mud, as such will not accept abuse from any one , i try my best not hurl attacks on members .All the years a member of this forum ,haven't seen abuse to Amral.

Django, the subject is about abused, and you asked a question. And yes Ray suspend, but never display emotions like what you are doing. 

Amral was abused by Iguana. 

Respect is earn and not demand, respect is accepting others view regardless if  it contradicts your view and have it resolve smoothly.  

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