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was a (Canadian) dual-citizen US Senator illegally occupying that seat who cast the deciding vote to impeach a hypothetical sitting US president

then promptly requests Canadian Consular assistance as he rushes to the airport, leaves the country using his Canadian passport, and hunkers down in Toronto telling all who would listen "so what if i was bribed?"

how do y'all think the Supreme Court would rule?

and i ain't even gon go there as far as public opinion and the free press is concerned


It is a hypothetical , a "what if" scenario to make a broader point. I don't expect those of you clutching at straws to comprehend this type of argument. You and the pnc took the "what if I was bribed" and turned it into "I was bribed", reaching as usual. 

Oh boy, you want to have your cake and eat it too. Hypotheticals are mirrors; imaginary worlds matching the a real world with one circumstance out of place; the one that lazes in on the reason for the comparison.  

As you claimed to be a programmer, have you coded "IF" statements in your modules? Do you realize what the "IF" statements are capable of doing?

No tell me.