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Reply to "MASSIVE Turnout at PPP-C Meetings ."

Gilbakka posted:
VishMahabir posted:
Dave posted:
kp posted:

The whole Guyana turn out , even Moses was there in hiding and Granger run to Cuba , sorry to say Rumjaat still drunk.

The diversity of the crowd shows PPPC support is not only Indians, like that fella saying.

OK...I give you that...big crowd...but its mostly Indos, it is not a diverse crowd.

Is APNU+AFC drawing diverse crowds?

Not from what I can see...PNC crowd is no different from the PPP crowd.

However, the PPP is the party that is claiming that they represent all Guyanese...taking a pix here and there with non-Indos is no proof that the PPP is as diverse as some people claim least Afros do not see it that way.