Reply to "Many PPP Supporters see the Better PPP Slate an Offer Within the AFC."

Originally posted by Tola:
Many PPP supporters see the better PPP slate on offer within the AFC
November 14, 2011 | By KNews Letters.

Dear Editor,

Many PPP supporters see the better PPP slate on offer in this election within the AFC with the likes of Ramjattan and Nagamootoo,

The AFC with these men at the lead is more likely to cooperate with a cleaner, less corrupt and reformed PPP

So when many who voted AFC last time this time fear they are PPPII, with all its racist trimmings, here is the evidence.

The AFC is after the Indo vote and they take the others for granted. These new "born again" AFCites think that the Jagans were Jesus Christ, when most non Indos thought them the enemy.

If some decide that voting AFC is letting the PPP in thru the back door why be surprised.

What is clear is that many of these ONE TIME AFC supporters are using them as a tool in their INTERNAL PPP battle. If the AFC plans to have a future as ameaningful player they have to keep these characters under watch. They havent left the PPP. They will return as soon as their internal battles are over.