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Many PPP Supporters see the Better PPP Slate an Offer Within the AFC.

Many PPP supporters see the better PPP slate on offer within the AFC
November 14, 2011 | By KNews Letters.

Dear Editor,

The PPP is starting to panic. The message from its supporters is that enough’s enough. PPP supporters can’t take anymore of the thieving, corruption, skulduggery and wrongdoing.
Many are ashamed and disgusted. Many PPP supporters see the better PPP slate on offer in this election within the AFC with the likes of Ramjattan and Nagamootoo, men who refused to be bought and sold and to be corrupted.
The overwhelming majority of PPP supporters would have voted for Ramjattan or Nagamootoo ahead of Donald Ramotar for the PPP’s presidential candidacy. So, when PPP members are voting for the AFC in 2011, they are really voting for a cleaner, leaner, more decent, less gutter-trapped PPP politician, which they cannot find in the PPP.

The PPP is raising the minority government spectre as a fear tactic to its mostly Indian supporters. It is the only way these charlatans think they can communicate with the good people who once supported the PPP; to fear the hell out of them.
The question is whether this version of the PPP deserves a majority from its supporters. The answer is a resounding NO. Another majority will see more pockets filled, more PPP supporters debased and have their general congress suspended, more sky-high corruption, more abuse of power, the bulldozing of the good people from the PPP to replace them with incompetents, yes-men, soup drinkers, sycophants and the fattening of former PNC-ites like Joseph Hamilton and Phillip Bynoe with plum crossover appointments while the poor working class PPP supporter can barely survive.

PPP supporters know the PPP does not deserve a majority. They will continue the banditry with another majority. The PPP deserves a reality check even for one term whereby PPP supporters can remove them and install a newly cleansed PPP in 2016.
The PPP is lying to the people about how government will work after the people hand them a minority government on November 28. Ramotar still becomes President but Ramotar will not have absolute power like Jagdeo did.
Parliament will require parties working together to function. There can be no coalitions so parties may agree and disagree on the passage of different laws. Who will work with whom?

The AFC has stated it will not work with the PNC/APNU. Do you genuinely believe the AFC with Nagamootoo, Ramjattan, Bissessar and other former PPP-ites at the forefront will ever form an alliance with the PNC/APNU? The AFC with these men at the lead is more likely to cooperate with a cleaner, less corrupt and reformed PPP than with the PNC/APNU.
This is good news to PPP supporters looking to switch to the AFC. It overcomes the fear of an AFC-APNU alliance. Let me ask you this: if the AFC gets a substantial percentage of votes from former PPP supporters on November 28, why would the AFC ever want to form an alliance with the PNC/APNU when it knows those votes came from voters who do not want anything to do with APNU/PNC?

No party would be stupid enough to turn its back on new voters from the ranks of former PPP supporters by turning around and supporting the PNC/APNU.
Only in the simple and twisted minds of the PPP run by Jagdeo would the AFC with a former PPP legend like Moses Nagamootoo who fought the PNC for 28 years alongside Cheddi Jagan and Walter Rodney form an alliance with the PNC/APNU after the election. The absolute balderdash and fear-mongering nonsense coming from these fraudulent minds during this election dwarfs the Le Repentir landfill.
I believe that once the PPP loses its majority in Parliament, the process of PPP internal reform, democratization and leadership revival will start almost immediately. A PPP that loses the majority will become a different PPP in five years. In this reform process, Ramotar will not be allowed to run as the PPP’s presidential candidate in 2016.

Now, the one term timeout for the PPP will hasten the process and rebuild the PPP faster. The PPP’s distortion of history continues with its raising of the events of 1964. Guyana was a colony then. The British Governor-General operating under a radically different constitution had the right to ask parties to form a majority government.
The PPP was left out in the cold. That cannot happen in Guyana with our current constitution, which ironically was crafted by Burnham and now favours the PPP. If the election results of 1964 occur in 2011, the PPP still gets power but not absolute power.
The PPP will get the presidency, it forms the government, it selects the minister and it gets minority control of Parliament if 1964’s results happen on November 28. The biggest difference is that it does not get absolute power. Another party like the AFC can demand accountability, answerability and transparency through Parliament in a minority government.

So, the PPP is misleading people when it raises 1964 in 2011. While some PPP supporters are comfortable with putting the PPP out to pasture for one term to return it in 2016, many more are comfortable with the PPP getting a minority government with less than 50 percent of the overall vote. These PPP supporters know the way to do this is to vote for an alternative party such as the Nagamootoo and Ramjattan-powered AFC.
This election is really a referendum of PPP supporters on the failed, corrupt, incompetent and power drunk leadership of their own party. Many will reject them with ink on their fingers and disgust in their hearts with the knowledge and hope that much needed change will visit the shores of the party they once loved dearly.
M. Maxwell
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