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President David Granger and Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan unveil the plaque on the Mahdia Monument to officially declare the community a town. Looking on and applauding are (left) Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon; (right) Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson and Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Sydney Allicock.



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Why does the PNC love D Heads ? Were they sending a message to President Granger that he is a ?

PNC Part Two Mahdia Monument:

That is PNC conception of Art. A male body part. No wonder dem Boys seh had a field day with it. Poor Granger, he fell ill looking at it. 


Compare the two photo's ,do anyone see the difference ?

Yugi took Bibi's Photo and run with it, Ayuh see why that guy is wan skirt tugger.

Difference? Sure. Top picture taken at night, bottom one daytime. In top picture, statue curves leftward of streetlight, in bottom one it curves rightward of the streetlight. Top picture shows a rough concrete statue, bottom one shows a smoothish wooden statue. Something na regulaar.

You people can't be serious. It's the same damn rock showed from different sides. Note the plaque in one picture anPld not the other. You people have too much time on your hands.