Reply to "Maduro rising . . . when will the egregious Chris Ram APOLOGIZE to the Nation for advocating that the GDF be put on Starvation Rations?"

ronan posted:
Baseman posted:

The issue is the GDF was used to oppress the Indian masses and anyone who stood against PNC tyranny.  They are viewed as the enemy of the people, not of the external enemy.

Ronan, the GDF is the way it is due to their sins of the past.  Just in the 2000s they were aiding and abetting anti-Indo terrorism!

In any case, it matters not what is invested, the Venos far outmatch anything Guyana can throw at them.  This leaves Guyana with the Diplomatic solution and support from allies. 

However, the GDF will need some investment to be able to increase the pain on Veno should they try anything.

the art of dissimulation is obviously not your strong suit

lessee, you don't want the 'Afro' GDF because they "oppress" [Indian] masses and facilitate "anti-Indo terrorism"

but you still want dem patriotic blackman to "increase the pain" on Maduro's army if the Venos try anything

so, like Jagdeo (tacitly), Christopher Ram, et al, you support keeping them on starvation rations to serve as cannon fodder just in case things get hot

but you can't really cop to that in plain, unambiguous language because it sounds treasonous

y'all are a sick, sick bunch of people

To each his own.  You interpret what I say you wish.  The fact is, for the average Indian, the GDF cuts both ways.  You invest, you want a strong defense but they them turn in the very population which look to them for defense of the homeland!

Thats the internal conflict when looking at the GDF.  You can take it how you wish, it does not change that fact!