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Reply to "Look at Guyana's three stooges. President Jagdeo made them look like fools."

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'Our attention was drawn to a bewildering photograph in circulation of President David Granger sandwiched between Attorney-General, Mr. Basil Williams and Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon seated at a table staring pensively at three empty chairs across the table.'

This should be circulated and reported as dumb, dumber and dumbest.  



Picture of the year, AFC/PNC's three stooges are talking to empty chairs:

So when perpetrated by your great Koolie leader, it is laudable to abstain from matters concerning governing the nation. Not only do you admire this Rat, you will actually mock and ridicule those persons who made the effort to attend the meeting. In your feeble mind, anything the Rat does is admirable, no matter how detrimental to the nation.

And you have superior intelligence.

Why don't you employ some of your purported fearlessness, show some courage and criticize the Rat when appropriate? Or are you too cowardly?

I agree with most of what you said here and even though I don't consider Jagdeo a great leader, I object to you using the term "great Koolie Leader", primarily the derogatory use of "Koolie".  

Which Guyanese leader was better than Jagdeo?  And why?  In terms of accomplishments, economic growth, etc.