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Reply to "Look at Guyana's three stooges. President Jagdeo made them look like fools."

Bibi Haniffa posted:

Which Guyanese leader was better than Jagdeo?  And why?  In terms of accomplishments, economic growth, etc.

Dat Kanta Ecanamist sey is Tit for Tat.

Just a little reminder.

Here is the PPP record after 23 years:

  •   Failed education system with illiteracy on the rise;
  •   Broken health care system;
  •   Highest infant/mother mortality rate in the region;
  •   Poorest country in the hemisphere;
  •   Most corrupt country in the region;
  •   Increased racial divisiveness within the last 23 years - state      sponsored;
  •   Broken transportation system;
  •   Broken electricity system - random and prolonged black outs;
  •   Broken road works & bridges - crippling the movement of goods and people;
  •   Broken water and sewage system - no and sometimes unsafe piped water;
  •   Country in state of dictatorship with the closure of parliament;
  •   Rolling back of press freedoms with media being threatened;
  •   Extra judicial killings and disappearances ;
  •   State sponsored demoralizing of armed services;